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Amazing Review

We love getting reviews from our customers, both the good and the bad. You learn something new from every review. We had a great charter in December, 2020. Dave and his buddies had a blast and caught some really nice fish. It was one of our last trips for 2020 and a with a review like this – we ended the year on a very high note. Thank you Dave for the very kind review. Here is what he had to say:

I am an Angler.  I am a hunter, researcher, conservationist, and gamer of most aquatic species.  I am the man nicknamed “Jeremy Wade Jr.” by his fishing buddy’s.  I have traveled the world for great catches and have been on several great charters.  When I spend my hard earned dollars on a fishing charter, I expect a captain with like mind, dedication, experience, and tenacity.  I want a Captain who pursues relentlessly, because that’s just who they are.  I want a Captain who wants to catch the fish, even more than I do…

Captain Mark Fann is a true boat captain.  This man hunts with a tenacity that you don’t experience often from charter captains.  His resume speaks for itself, but the respect that he was given by the other boat captains on the dock, was an amazing thing to see.  It was as if he was the General amongst the fleet of tuna boats.  There were several options available for charters, but I knew that we made a great choice with Fishin’ Fannatics!

Mark is a serious hunter.  He doesn’t stop, not even for lunch.  He doesn’t play games, he wants his boat in order and everything functioning properly.  He is a winner and refuses to let excuses come between him and a good catch.  He is a great Captain and a great man.  It was an honor to be in his presence, learning from a true master of the sport.

I reserve a special title for the elite Captain’s that I have encountered in my life.  It’s a very small group of exceptional anglers who have earned it.  The title is, “O’Captain, My Captain”.  Captain Mark Fann is the now the newest member of this elite club.

Thanks again Captain Mark for the amazing memories!  We will see you again soon!

Dave Johnson