Full Day Offshore or Daytime Swordfish

FALL SPECIAL: Full Day Offshore Trip Is Now $1,895 Until the End Of November (Usually $2,000)!
This special is good for the full day offshore trip only. The discount will be taken with the balance due at the dock. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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Product Description


Experience incredible sportfishing in the Outer Banks with a full day offshore charter on the Fishin’ Fannatic! Catches include tuna, mahi-mahi, marlin, and wahoo. All bait, tackle, and licenses are furnished by the boat.


Ready to treat yourself to a great offshore challenge?  Our daytime swordfish trip may be just what you’re looking for.  Swordfish, also called Gladiator of the Sea, is one the most elusive and sought after gamefish.  As the sun rises, the swordfish heads deep, following their favorite prey, the squid.  During the evening, the squid migrates up near the surface and then return to the deep as it gets light.  In the daytime, swordfish usually are very deep, 1500 feet or more.  We target these fish in the daytime with a variety of baits and a 12-16 lb “breakaway brick” weight to get to the bottom.  The bite usually appears as a very subtle movement on the rod tip.  The swordfish is not your ordinary billfish.  He uses his powerful bill to “whack” his prey, sometimes over and over again, to kill it before eating it.  Once on, it is an incredible fight that can challenge even the most experienced angler.  Nighttime swordfish trips are also available, please call for availability and reservation.