FAQ | What You Need To Know

  • Do we need a fishing license?
    No, the boat has all the necessary licenses and permits that cover everyone on-board.
  • What do we need to bring with us for our fishing charter?
    The boat supplies all the rods, reels, bait and tackle for your charter.  You will need to bring a small cooler with any food and beverage you might want during your charter.  Depending on the time of year, you might want to bring either a light-weight jacket or long-sleeve shirt for the morning.  Sunscreen and polarized sunglasses are something you might want to have also.  Don’t forget to bring your camera to record all the great memories you will create on your charter.
  • Can we bring alcohol on our charter?
    Yes, you can bring some beer along for your charter.  We ask that you bring cans though.  We do not allow any hard liquor.  Just remember, in North Carolina, you cannot buy beer before 7am during the week and 10am on Sundays.
  • How many people to you allow on the boat?
    We are limited to six passengers, whether they are fishing or not.  This is a United States Coast Guard regulation.
  • Are kids allowed on the boat?
    Most definitely!  We take great pride in being a family-friendly charter boat.  Capt. Mark is not only a father but also a grandfather and all the kids have grown up on the water.  It is a great way to spend the day with the family and we just love watching the excitement of the kids when they are catching fish. We recommend our half-day nearshore fishing trips for the younger children, especially if they have never been out on a boat before.
  • What type of trips do you offer and how much does it cost and what are the times?
    To get all the information regarding what type of trips we offer, the pricing and times, please check out our Trips Page.
  • Why choose “Fishin Fannatic”
    Capt. Mark is a highly-skilled captain with over 40 years experience and takes pride in his profession – which you will see first hand when you get out on the water with him.   Capt. Mark enjoys putting customers on the fish – from the skilled angler to the new customers just trying to enjoy a day on the water.  Being a family man himself, Capt. Mark enjoys having the kids onboard the Fishin Fannatic, making memories that will last a lifetime.  Capt. Mark knew as a young man that he wanted to be a professional fisherman as his career.  This is his full-time passion, whether charter fishing or commercial fishing.  He did not wait until he retired to make fishing his career. Here on the Fishin Fannatic, fishing is not just our job, it is our true passion. The Fishin Fannatic is one of the most luxurious charter boats available on the Outer Banks.  She is a 53’ Viking Sportfish with all the amenities to make your fishing trip as comfortable as your home.  She has a very spacious salon with leather couches, dining table, full galley, restroom, and ice-cold air-conditioning for those hot summer days.  As for the fishing side of her, she is rigged with all the latest electronics for finding the fish along with top-notch fishing rods and tackle.
  • Where do you fish on your charters?
    That depends on the type of charter you are on.  On our half-day nearshore trips, we generally fish anywhere from 1 to 3 miles off the beach.  On the extended half-day charters, we get a little extra range and can head out further, depending on where the fish are.  On our full-day offshore charters, we head offshore approximately 40 miles to the gulf stream.  The ride out to the gulf stream takes approximately 1 ½ hours to get there.  However, the Fishin Fannatic, is a nice 53’ Viking Sportfish, with a luxurious air-conditioned cabin, with multiple couches and of course, there’s plenty of room on the flybridge with Capt. Mark.
  • Can we keep the fish we catch?
    Of course.  Any fish that is of legal size and within the limits will be put in the fish box on ice until we get back to the dock.
  • Do we tip the mate?
    Yes, the mates work very hard for you and for most, this is their only source of income.  We suggest 20%, just like you would in a restaurant.
  • Is there fish cleaning available?
    Yes.  When we get back to the dock, the mate will offload your fish on the dock for pictures and then the fish will be taken to our fish cleaning station.  There is a minimal charge for this service.
  • Can you package, freeze, store and/or ship our fish?
    We do not offer this service.  However, just across from our marina is Fresh Catch Seafood (put this as a link to their website)  at 57 Harbor Rd – (252-473-7484).  Once your fish is cleaned, they can package, freeze and store your fish until you are ready to head home.  If you need to make arrangements to ship your fish home, they can handle this for you too.
  • What about seasickness?
    Most people do not have a problem with seasickness.  However, if you are prone to motion sickness, there many over-the-counter medicines you can get, like Dramamine or Bonine.  If you do want to take any medications, they do sell an electronic product called Reliefbands. 
  • Are there life vests on-board?
    Yes, we have US Coast Guard-approved life vest for all ages.  We also have 2 radios, weather satellite, and electronic positioning device (EPIRB) in case of emergency.
  • What is your booking and/or cancellation policy?
    At the time of booking we do take a 50% deposit to hold your reservation.  Deposits are accepted by Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.  Final payment for your charter is due the day of the trip and can either be paid by cash or credit card.If the captain decides that the weather conditions are not suitable for the day of your charter, we will do everything within our power to reschedule your charter.  If for any reason, we cannot reschedule you, your deposit is fully refundable. Refunds on any cancellation within 1 week prior to the trip are at the captain’s discretion.
  • Ready to make your Outer Banks Memories?
    For more information about our fishing charter, fill out our inquiry form or give us a call at (252) 473-7092.
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